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  • Guilloche and Sterling Silver Perfume Pendant

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    This Guilloche and Sterling Silver Perfume Pendant has a bouquet of three turquoise and black-petaled flowers with a green stylized leaf decoration above and green leaves below on a silver multi-patterned background.  Te center is surrounded by a thin black inner border and a wider striated turquoise border, both of which echo the elegant shape of the bottle.  The inside of the neck is ringed and once held a screw on top with hanging ring and a perfume dropper.  (This piece is missing.)  The back is unembellished.  The perfume pendant measures 1.625" high by 1" (at its widest point) by 0.25" deep.  It is stamped "STERLING" on both the top and the bottom of the back.  There is no maker's mark.  Exact age is unknown, although it does have some Art Deco characteristics.  This Guilloche and Sterling Silver Perfume Pendant is in Good condition with one small ding to the turquoise border (see upper left-hand corner) and some wear on back.  Ideal for repurposing, if replacement top cannot be found.