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Folk Art Drawing 2 by Maria Jeronima Dionicia

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This is an 8"x12" Folk Art Drawing 2 by Maria Jeronima Dionicia (or Dionisia, as she appears to have signed her work both ways) in reddish brown ink on handmade variegated tan paper with uneven edges.  The illustration shows three women, two men, two birds and a fierce wolf-like animal (with long tail, herringboned collar, and bared teeth) surrounded by plants and flowers.  At the top, both a man with a wide-brimmed hat hanging from a cord around his neck and a woman in a decorative skirt an sandals are touching large birds with open wings and extended feet.  At the bottom, a kneeling man in a wide brimmed hat is reaching out toward the bowing animal, flanked by two women with long hair (one in braids), decorative skirts and sandals who are reaching towards human-sized flowers.  The imagery has some symmetry and is densely packed inside a decorative frame of steps, mazes, and "eyes" and multi-lined borders.  The drawing is signed in black with dots between her names and a vertical line at the end.  No information has been found on this artist.  Age of the drawing is unknown.  This Folk Art Drawing 2 by Maria Jeronima Dionicia is in Excellent condition with no damage or wear.