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  • Early 20th Century Valentine Card

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    This is an Early 20th Century Valentine Card, showing a young boy holding the hand of a young girl who is coyly covering her mouth as he announces his feelings and intentions.  The girl has dark hair in braids with blue bows and is wearing a red and black dropped waist dress with trim, black stockings, and black Mary Jane shoes.  The boy has unruly red hair and is wearing a blue shirt with a large white collar and a green and black plaid bow, brown knickerbocker pants, long brown socks, and brown tie shoes.  The boy's intentions are in the form of a letter, which is behind them.  It claims not to be a Valentine card but "an invitation for you to be queen of the world" and "to be my sweetheart."  The edge has been embossed.  The card was printed in Germany, but the manufacturer is unknown.  The children's clothing suggests that this card was made in the 1920's.  This Early 20th Century Valentine Card is in Very Good condition with a small piece missing from each right hand corner.