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Vintage Musical Shepherds Creche Figures

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These two colorful Vintage Musical Shepherds Creche Figures were made in the 1950's.  The 4.5" shepherd, at left, holds a bagpipe with two golden horns.  He has a white sheep nestled at his feet, who looks up at him as the shepherd looks downward (at the Baby Jesus, when placed in the Nativity scene).  He is seated on a forked tree stump with one foot resting on a limb.  His base is marked "Hand painted/Japan" in a circle.  The 5" shepherd, at right, is playing a bagpipe with gray bag and black horns, as he leans against a brown fence.  He is wearing a vibrant purple cape and orange fur pants.  He, too, looks downward.  His base is marked "Italy."  These Vintage Musical Shepherds Creche Figures are in Very Good condition, although the Italian shepherd has a small chip on the edge of his cape.