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  • Copper Washed Bullet Lighter

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    This is a Copper Washed Bullet Lighter with a capped wick (at the top of the bullet), flint wheel, and swing-out pick and spoon.  Beginning during World War I, these types of lighters were made in the trenches using spent bullets.  Measuring 1.5625" long by 0.4375" in diameter at the base, the bullet is made of a copper wash over a silver-tone (steel?) base with three rows (smooth, striated and black) below an indentation.  A 1.3125" screw attachment holds the flint wheel on top and the pointed oblong spoon and folded metal pick, which are also copper washed.  The bullet has no headstamp (it may have been filed off) so it is not possible to determine the maker, the country of origin or the age of the bullet or, therefore, the lighter.  This Copper Washed Bullet Lighter is in Good condition.  There is surface wear to the copper coating and the flint wheel is rusted but does turn.  The addition of the spoon and pick make this lighter more unusual than many others of its kind.