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  • Commedia dell arte Il Capitano Mask

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    This is a Venetian style Commedia dell arte Il Capitano Mask made of molded and painted paper maché over a fabric base.  Il Capitano is one of the stock characters, who is an indigenous loner, braggart and swaggerer.  He talks at length about his supposed military and carnal conquests, but often only ends up impressing himself.  Dressed in a satire of military wear of the time and place with sword, he wears a mask with a long, nose which is often unambiguously phallic.  This mask, measuring 9" long by 7" wide, has the exaggerated eyebrow ridges; long, beak-like nose with center bump; chiseled high cheekbones; and wide eye holes.  One side of the mask is gold with raised flourishes and swirls.  The other has a deep blue-black background with burgundy-black areas (around the eye and at the center and the tip of the nose) surrounded by a gold line.  The mask is tied with a black satin ribbon which passes through a grommet on each side.  Maker is unknown.  This Commedia dell arte Il Capitano Mask is in Very Good condition.  There is some minor surface wear to the paint which can easily be touched up.