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  • Vintage Czech Striped Lion Claw Glass Beads

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    These nine red, white, and black striped, frosted glass beads in the shape of lion claws were made in Czechoslovakia sometime between the 1920's and the 1950's.  They were designed specifically to be traded in Africa.  Among the Fulani women of Mali, these beads were presented to a bride and used on her wedding day.  Over time, the beads came to be called "wedding beads."  Each of these beads measures about 1.3125" (33 mm) long by 0.8750" (22 mm) wide by 0.1873" (5 mm) thick and has a 0.0625" (2 mm) hole. There are variations in pattern from one side of the bead to the other and from bead to bead, which can be seen in the photographs.  In very good condition.  Two have very small (0.25") cracks which appear to have been caused when the hole was drilled but do not affect the integrity of the beads.