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  • 1906 Illustrations of the Christy Girl (Group 3)

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    These five illustrations were taken from the 1906 edition of The American Girl, as seen and portrayed by Howard Chandler Christy, an American illustrator famous for his "Christy Girl." Group 3 shows the Christy Girl at her most feminine and her most sporty - in a canoe with a man ("Canoe Mates"), in a bathing suit with a man ("On the Beach"), with a man who is picking a water lily for her ("Water Lillies"), in her golf outfit with a club ("The Golf Girl"), and in an Army uniform ("The Army Girl"). Each pages measures 9" high and about 6.5" wide; each image 7.75" high and 5.5" wide. All are in good condition with a light stain in the bottom right hand corner.