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  • Chinese Carved Olive Nut Lohan Prayer Bead 1

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    This Chinese Carved Olive Nut Lohan Prayer Bead 1 is from a set representing the original 18 followers of Gautama Buddha (Lohan), who followed the Noble Eightfold Path, broke free from the Wheel of Incarnation, and achieved Immortality.  Each prayer bead has a unique face and head.  These beads are carved from pits of the Chinese black olive, which are naturally hollow and have a rich brown color with surface variations.  The art of fruit pit carving, also known as hediao, has been practiced in China for centuries.  This bead, measuring 1" high by0.75" wide by 0.625" deep, shows a follower with a broad, flat face; high cheekbones; piercing eyes with heavy  arched brows; a detailed curled moustach over an unsmiling mouth; long chin; and long ears, each one of which appears to wear a hoop earring.  A 0.125" hole has been drilled vertically through the bead with three small cracks surrounding the top hole.  There is also a natural  0.75" crack from the left ear along the base of the head, which does not affect the integrity of the bead.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Chinese Carved Olive Nut Lohan Prayer Bead 1 is in Good Condition with no damage or wear to the face.