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  • Hand Carved Bone Elephant Pendant

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    This is a 1.625" high Hand Carved Bone Elephant Pendant with the elephant seen from its left side.  It has a lowered trunk, which has been curved inward.  On close inspection, one can see that part of the trunk and the tusk appear to be missing.  However, the surface has been polished, suggesting that either this is an old break or the maker simply worked the mishap into the design. The face, ears, and tail have all been detailed.  The elephant stands on a curved base with incised lines.  The recessed background is slightly curved and has been drilled with small holes.  There are also larger reticulated areas around its trunk and legs.  The carved abstract area at the top of the pendant has a small horizontal hole for attachment.  The back has no embellishments.  Maker, country of origin and age are unknown, although it seems to have been made somewhere in Asia.  This Hand Carved Bone Elephant Pendant is in Good condition with the imperfections as described.