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  • Boer War Lead Soldier Style 2

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    This is a Boer War Lead Soldier Style 2, measuring 1.75" high by 2" wide (including gun barrel) by 0.625" deep.  The soldier is shown kneeling on his right knee with his gun raised at shoulder height.  He is wearing a grayish-brown uniform with deep taupe leggings; black shoes; a wide brimmed olive drab height with one side turned up; and a white belt and shoulder bag.  His face has been painted with black dot eyes; large, round red cheeks; and a  brown mustache.  He also has a fringe of brown hair.  The soldier is unmarked but may have been made by Britains.  He was clearly made by the same company that manufactured the Boer War Lead Soldier Style 1.  Age is unknown.  This Boer War Lead Soldier Style 2 is in Very Good condition with only one small paint chip on the bottom of his right shoe.