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  • Bingo Card Assortment

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    This Bingo Card Assortment consists of fourteen cards in varying sizes, colors and paper thicknesses.  They include: (1) two cards (one pink and one green) marked "K B" in the center free space and "Daughters of St. Paul" along the edge, measuring 5.25" square and pasted on to a piece of 0.125" thick cardboard; (2) two cards (one green and one pale green) marked "K B" in the center free space, measuring 3.8125" square and printed on thin oak tag type paper; (3) five cards (red on white) made by Pressman circa 1960, measuring 5.375" high by 3.625" wide and printed on lightweight cardboard; and (4) five cards (deep blue on white) with no manufacturer marks, measuring 5.625" high by 4.5" wide and printed on very lightweight cardboard.  All of the cards in this Bingo Card Assortment are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for use in collage or other art project.