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  • Batak Sumatran Beaded Food Cover

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    Although often mistaken for a Southeast Asian hat, this is a Batak Sumatran Beaded Food Cover.  These covers are often made as heirloom pieces for weddings and other formal feasts.  They tend to remain in the family and, therefore, rarely appear on the market.  This conical cover measures 7.375" in diameter by 4" high.  It is completely covered in beads which have been stitched individually on to a natural fiber framework (possibly palm spathe) in typical Batak floral and geometric designs, which are also seen on their wedding baskets.  The glass beads are in red, green, deep blue, black, orange, yellow and pale blue (on tassel).  There are nine 2.5" tassels around the base of the cover, a traditional aspect of this design.  These tassels indicate that the dish and cover were carried on the head or at shoulder height.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Batak Sumatran Beaded Food Cover is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.