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  • Batailles Eye and ICI Field Notes 4

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    This is an out of print trade edition of Bataille's Eye & ICI Field Notes 4 (ISBN 1-889917-00-1), guest-edited by Deborah Cullen and published in 1997 by The Institute of Cultural Inquiry as part of a series that studies the methodologies of culture.  In 1928, Georges Bataille published his "pornographic" novella Story of the Eye under the pseudonym Lord Auch.  Infamous in its own day, it has since become a pivotal text for art history, literature, and cultural criticism.  Bataille's Eye presents essays, artworks and research related to Story of the Eye.  It is the only volume to reproduce the original prints created by Andre Masson and Hans Bellmer for the first two editions of Story of the Eye.  ICI Field Notes No 4 provides an overview of ongoing and recent projects sponsored by The Institute of Cultural Inquiry, including the AIDS Bottle Project, the AIDS Chronicles, and the Museum of Forgery.  Bataille's Eye is a 9" by 7.5" soft cover book with 127 pp. and flap art by Christel Dillbohner.  This edition of Bataille's Eye & ICI Field Notes 4 is in Very Good condition.  Cover and pages are clean.  The spine has no damage and the book appears never to have been read.  There is a small dent to the bottom right hand corner of the book from shelf wear.