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  • Art Nouveau Amphora Scent Bottle for Chatelaine

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    This Art Nouveau Amphora Scent Bottle for Chatelaine has the classic egg shape, cylindrical neck and double shoulder handles of an ancient Greek vase known as an amphora.  The hinged openwork top (a center flower surrounded by six heart-shaped openings and a border with multiple rectangular holes) suggests that it was used as a scent bottle, which hung from a chatelaine on two chains attached to the bottle's handles.  A chatelaine is an ornamental clasp attached to a woman's belt or girdle from which was suspended several (usually five, but up to nine) small objects such as scissors, household notebook, small purse, penknife, pin-cushion, tape measure, charms, vinaigrettes and/or scent bottles.  The body of this piece has a fluted collar and sculpted swirls and flowers over etched diagonal lines.  There is a small shell with dotted border at the base.  This bottle measures 2.5" high by 1.25" wide (at the handles) by 0.625" wide (at the flower).  It appears to be silverplate over bronze with the gold tones meant to highlight the dimensions of the design.  The piece is unmarked but looks very similar to other scent bottles made in France between 1890 and 1910.  This Art Nouveau Amphora Scent Bottle for Chatelaine is in Very Good condition with no signs of damage or wear.  It would look beautiful either reattached to a chatelaine or worn as a necklace (as it weighs only 0.4 ounces).