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  • Armand Marseille 390n Bisque Doll Head

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    This Armand Marseille 390n Bisque Doll Head has dark brown hand blown glass sleep eyes; hand painted features including black upper and lower eyelashes; wispy brown eyebrows; smiling vermilion bowed lips, and a deep complexion with pink tinted cheeks; an open mouth with four upper teeth; a dimpled chin (with slight doubling); a 1" tapering neck (making her a socket head doll); and detailed ears and nose.  The head measures 4" high and 9.25" in circumference.  The back of the head and neck are incised with Armand Marseille, Germany, 390n, and 1 1/2 M.  This head was made in Germany in the early 20th century.  Originally, it was attached to a composition body made by a different manufacturer.  This Armand Marseille 390n Bisque Doll Head is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  (Shipping weight includes double boxing.)