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  • Antique German Half Doll

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    This Antique German Half Doll, measuring 2.875" high by 1.5" wide (with a 1" round base), is a lady in pink with an off the shoulder shawl and bodice and pink flower in her pale brown hair which has ringlets at the back.  Her black eyes have black eyelashes and pale brown eyebrows.  Her slim nose has red dotted nostrils.  Her bowed, unsmiling lips are red with a section unpainted before the firing.  She holds both hands cupped above her right breast and appears to be holding something, which cannot be identified.  Her base has four small holes for attachment to a pin cushion base.  She is lightly stamped with "Germany" and a number (1492?).  This Antique German Half Doll is in Excellent condition with no damage or wear.