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  • Antique Floral Silk Brocade Obi

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    This is a beautiful, subtle Antique Floral Silk Brocade Obi.  The obi measures 132.5" long by 5.75" wide, a width known as han-haba which is half the width of a regular obi.  This width has been accomplished by folding the heavy brocade in half and sewing a seam along one side.  The silk brocade pattern has a variety of pink, blue-gray and deep brown flowers with deep brown leaves and curvilinear stems woven into a puckered cream-colored background.  This pattern repeats over 78" with the remainder a simple cream colored weave.  The fabric is quite heavy with the obi weighing 14.3 ounces.  A paper tag, stapled to the piece, reads: "ANTIQUE KIMONO SILK 100% MADE IN JAPAN DRY CLEAN ONLY."  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Antique Floral Silk Brocade Obi is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for wear or decoration.