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  • Antique Chinese Silk Embroideries of Flowers and an Insect

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    This item consists of two Antique Chinese Silk Embroideries of Flowers and an Insect on pointed teardrop-shaped silk flaps, which may have been part of a garment or larger piece.  Each flap measures about 6" long and 2.625" wide (at its widest point) and 1.25" wide at the top.  The front has a pale copper silk background with black silk trim along the sides and thin pale gray blue trim on top.  The back is a single piece of pale gray blue silk.  Both flaps have flowers in shades of vermilion, pink, navy blue, pale blue, olive green, moss green, tan, white and black silk threads which have been embroidered with long satin stitches.  On one flap, the bottom flower is detailed with a wan character, which symbolizes good luck, as well as a circle, star, C-shaped, and cross designs.  On the other flap, an insect sits on the bottom flower.  It has large, round white eyes; white and black curled feelers; deep vermilion head; green and white body; and navy blue and white variegated wings with vermilion centers.  The insect has also been embroidered with satin stitches.  Maker and exact age of these pieces are unknown.  Both of these Chinese Silk Embroideries of Flowers and an Insect are in Very Good condition.  There are no missing stitches in the designs and the silk fabrics are still intact with slight wear at the point of one flap.