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  • Antique Celluloid Floral Card with Swedish Text

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    This is an Antique Celluloid Floral Card with Swedish Text, measuring 5.75" high by 4.5" wide.  The celluloid front has three molded pansies (one in natural celluloid with three gold center embellishments, one in purple with natural center, and one in natural and purple with three gold center embellishments), three stems with four leaves (natural but may have originally been gold), two small upper leaves, four gold four-leaf clovers (in descending sizes), two gold three-leaf clovers and flourished borders (with part of the original gold).  The text reads "Jag gratulerar" which is Swedish for "I congratulate."  The inner paper has two pages: one with an illustration in green-gray ink of an open window surrounded by flowering branches with two birds and one with a good luck poem in Swedish and flowering branch accents in green-gray ink.  The back is made of a natural colored thick board with the edges cut out to match the front design.  The original natural twisted cord with green-gray  feathery ends holds the card together.  The card has been signed in ink with the name "Ellen Nel."  This Antique Celluloid Floral Card with Swedish Text is in Very Good condition with no damage to the celluloid, paper or cord.  As mentioned, some of the gold paint has been worn away on the front.  Ideal for use in an art project.