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  • Antique American Communion Group Photograph

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    This is an unusual Antique American Communion Group Photograph, showing 20 boys, 33 girls, a priest, a man in a World War I style Army uniform, and two altar boys, one of whom is carrying a staffed crucifix.  They are arranged in front of the side of a Victorian clapboard house in four rows: the first row of boys is seated on the grass with two American flags angled in the earth in front of them: the second row has seated girls and boys; the third row has standing girls; and the fourth row has standing girls and altar boys with the priest and Army man positioned between the third and fourth rows.  The girls are wearing white lace dresses with varying styles of veils (many accented with floral decorations).  Some are holding catechisms, either on their laps or in front of them with the cover image turned toward the camera.  The boys are dressed in dark suits with white shirts and ties/bowties, many with white flowers in their lapels.  Most of the children appear quite serious, although one girl at center smiles broadly.  The lightly sepia-toned photograph measures 6" x 9.75" and is mounted on a 9.75" x 13.25" tan board with an abstract gray border.  The photographer and place where the photograph was taken are unknown.  This Antique American Communion Group Photograph is in better than good condition.  There is some wear to small areas of the photograph and the top right hand corner of the backboard has been broken off.