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  • Alva Museum Replica Coptic Cross Pin

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    This is an Alva Museum Replica Coptic Cross Pin made in the 1970s to look like an Ethiopian cross.  A Coptic cross is characterized by two bold lines of equal length that intersect at the middle at right angles.  Each line terminates in three points, representing the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Altogether, the cross has 12 points symbolizing the Apostles.  It is a symbol of everlasting life and, with the circle, a representation of the everlasting love of God); the resurrection of Christ; and, for the Copts, the solidarity and perseverance of their group in the face of violence and religious persecution.  This cross contains all of these Coptic elements with influences from Celtic design.  Its elaborate details are on both front and back and include large and small applied dots, twisted rope circles, and etched dotted lines.  It has been hinged to a decorative bar pin.  The metal is silver tone and unmarked.  The  whole piece is 2.625" long with the cross measuring 2.125" long by 2.25" wide by 0.125" thick and the bar measuring 1.75" wide by 0.25" high (at the center) and 0.1875" thick.  It is stamped with a copyright for "Alva Museum Replicas" at the top of the circle on the back.  (Alva Museum replicas is a New York based company that makes souvenir jewelry and objects for museums.)  This Alva Museum Replica Coptic Cross Pin was purchased from its original owner and is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.