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  • African Carved Ebony Head Pendant

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    This is an African Carved Ebony Head Pendant, measuring 1.75" (44.5mm) long by 0.75" (19mm) wide by 1" (26mm) deep.  The head shows a man with what appear to be long, narrow closed eyes; a long forehead; a long, thin nose; distinct sculpted lips; small ears; close cropped hair with a pattern like fish scales; and the suggestion of a neck which has been rounded on the bottom.  He has a distinctive profile, which is accentuated by the natural color variations (from reddish brown to black) in the wood.  There are two 0.125" (3mm) holes (0.5" apart) on the top of the head.  Maker, country of origin and age are unknown.  This African Carved Ebony Head Pendant is in Very Good Condition with no wear or damage.