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  • African Batik Carved Bone Pendants

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    This item consists of ten African Batik Carved Bone Pendants, measuring from about 1.625" (41mm) to 2" (53mm) in length.  Each pendant has been carved into a tusk shape from bone (traditionally either cow or camel bone).  The bottom has been dyed with a variegated batik pattern (either black or deep brown on to off-white), while the top is dyed a solid black or deep brown and carved with a diamond or X-ed linear pattern.  The top is narrowed and rounded and has a hole about 4-5mm in diameter.  Each pendant has been handmade and, therefore, is unique in size, color, pattern, and carving.  Age and country of origin are unknown, although batik beads are traditionally produced by tribes in Ghana and Kenya who use a wax-resistance process and natural plant dyes.  These ten African Batik Carved Bone Pendants are in Very Good condition and appear never to have been used.  (Three packets are available with pendants showing some variations in shape and pattern from the photographs shown here.)