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  • 4 Inch Heavy Glass Dangle

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    This 4 Inch Heavy Glass Dangle is composed of five beads: a 1.25" long by 1.375" in diameter (top) deep turquoise blue molded glass cone with a fluted design; a 1.25" in diameter emerald green molded glass ball with a twisted fluted design; a 0.5" in diameter root beer colored glass ball; and two 0.375" in diameter cranberry red molded glass balls.  All the beads have been strung on a thick brass wire.  The two largest beads have air bubbles throughout the glass.  Maker and age are unknown.  The beads appear to be handmade and may be Murano glass from Italy.  This 4 Inch Heavy Glass Dangle is in Very Good condition with no wear or damage.  Ideal as decor or for use in an art project.