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  • 19th Century Cabinet Card of a Bridal Couple

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    This is a sepia-toned 19th Century Cabinet Card of a Bridal Couple, taken in the 1890's at Fawcett's Photo Gallery in Winona, Minn.  The 6.5" x 4.25" photograph shows a young couple dressed in bridal clothing (a lacy gown and floor length veil with floral crown for the bride and a dark three-piece suit with two-tone shoes and a ribboned boutonnière for the groom).  The groom sits in a chair with his hands on his thighs, while the bride stands beside him with her left hand across his shoulders.  Both look at the camera with a faint smile.  The studio setting is a highly decorative rug and a faint fern and flower background.  One side of the bride's face and veil disappear into the backdrop (white on white with a strong light source from the left).  The card has an embossed thin border and the words "Fawcett" (in cursive), a monogram (at the center), and "66 West Third St. Winona, Minn." at the bottom.  The back is blank.  This 19th Century Cabinet Card of a Bridal Couple is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear to the photograph.