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  • 1958 Book Covers from Mon premier livre

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    These are intact 1958 Book Covers from Mon premier livre published by Librairie Payot in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The illustration on the front cover is by Marcel Vidoudez (1900-1968), an eclectic and popular French-Swiss illustrator who created drawings for a number of children's books, graphic design, animation, and erotic art.  His style is known for its clarity of line and subtle watercolor tones.  His illustration on Mon premier livre shows three children around a table -- a boy, kneeling on a bench, reading from a book and two girls standing beside him, looking at what he is pointing at on the page.  A teddy bear and a pull train lie abandoned on the floor below them.  The palette is mainly the primary colors of red, blue and yellow with accents of black, white and brown.  Both covers have an orange-tan background with an unadorned back cover.  Each measures 8.875" high by 6" wide.  They are connected by a 0.5" orange cloth printed with the title in black.  The interiors have plain off -white paper, which has browned slightly around the edges.  These 1958 Book Covers from Mon premier livre are in Very Good condition with minor edge and back wear.  Ideal for use in an art project.