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  • 1956 Illustrated Area Maps from Germany by Doré Ogrizek

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    This item consists of nine 1956 Illustrated Area Maps from Germany by Doré Ogrizek, published as part of the McGraw-Hill "The World in Color" series.  Each double page map measures 11.25" by 7.5" with 6 maps running vertically and three maps horizontally.  The maps include: "West German Federal Republic"; "Schleswig Holstein"; "Lower Saxony"; "Westphalia"; "Lower Rhine/Rhineland/Palatinate"; "Hessen"; "Baden-Württemberg"; "Bavaria"; and "Central and Eastern Germany" including German territories under Polish and Soviet administration.  Each map is brightly colored and includes drawings of area heraldic crests, buildings (including castles, cathedrals, windmills and lighthouses), directional compasses, forests, animals, people (including famous people such as Goethe and the Grimms brothers), food, and/or decorative borders (such as grapevines, leaves, flowers or sausages).  The images and typefaces have a classic 1950's look.  Illustrator was L. Langlet.  These nine 1956 Illustrated Area Maps from Germany by Dorée Ogrizek are in Good condition.  There are some small stains on the West German Federal Republic map.  All of the maps have some tearing on the fold lines with the Schleswig Holstein map completely separated into two pieces.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.