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  • 1954 Italian Book Covers from Avenire

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    These are the 1954 Italian Book Covers from Avenire by Piero Bargellini, an elementary school book ("Letture per la III Elementare") published by Vallecchi.  Each cover measures 9.25" high by 6.5" wide.  The spine is missing with a thin strip of blue book cloth remaining on each cover.  The front cover shows children racing along a street, carrying schoolbooks under their arms.  In the background are childlike black and white drawings of buildings.  The back cover shows a street with the same buildings, trees in bloom, and a bird soaring across a blue sky.  The interiors also have illustrations in turquoise, white and black: children leapfrogging over numbered poles (front) and a border of animals, fruits and objects around a listing of other books by this publisher.  These 1954 Italian Book Covers from Avenire are in Good condition.  There is wear along the edges and an erased crayon mark on the front cover.  The front cover is also slightly warped.  Ideal for collage or other art projects.