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  • 1950s Murano Glass Eye Beads

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    This item consists of thirteen 1950s Murano Glass Eye Beads with the original brass decorative openwork bead caps.  (These beads were once part of a necklace.)  Measuring from 0.25" (6mm) to 0.375" (9mm) in diameter, these beads have been hand blown in stunning shades of swirling yellow and green glass.  Each bead has either three or four eyes with a black pupil, white surround, and green outline.  It is believed that these beads work like an amulet and are meant to ward off the evil eye.  The holes are quite small at about 0.03" (1mm) in diameter.  There are 26 brass bead caps with an embossed floral design and eight open petals.  These 1950s Murano Glass Eye Beads are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Each bead is unique and has natural imperfections which occur in the glassblowing process.  Two of the bead caps have minor surface greening.