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  • 1945 Maps from A History of Our Country

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    This item consists of six color maps taken from David Saville Muzzey's A History of Our Country, published by Ginn & Co. in 1945.  There are four double page maps, measuring 10.25" wide by 7.5" high (on the outside page edge): The United States Showing the Status of Slavery in 1850; Territorial Growth of the United States on the American Continent (1776 to the present time); The United States at the Close of Jefferson's Administration; and The United States at the Present Time (1945).  There are two single page maps, measuring 7.5" wide by 5" high (on the outside page edge): Physical Map of the United States and The Caribbean Region.  All of the maps have been printed in rich colors and shadings on text book grade slightly glossy paper.  In very good condition with slight yellowing on the borders.