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  • 1944 Illustrations from Green Mansions

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    This item consists of ten 1944 Illustrations from Green Mansions, written by W.H. Hudson and illustrated by Edward McKnight Kauffer.  Kauffer studied art in Chicago, Munich and Paris.  He settled in London in 1914, where he designed posters for the London Underground Railways, settings for ballet, and scenery for Othello and Mary,Queen of Scots.  He is known for his bold composition, dramatic use of color and overall craftsmanship.  Green Mansions is an exotic romance between Abel, a traveller in the Guyana jungle of southeastern Venezuela and Rima the Bird Girl, a forest-dwelling girl from a lost tribe.  These illustrations, measuring about 7.25" high by 4.5" wide, capture the color and drama of the jungle, the mysterious nature of Rima, the seeking nature of Abel, and the darkness of the Indian tribe that imprisons Abel.  The illustrations are printed without borders in rich colors on medium weight paper.  These 1944 Illustrations from Green Mansions are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for use in art project.