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  • 1943 Mexican Ex Voto of a Truck Accident

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    This is a traditional 1943 Mexican Ex Voto of a Truck Accident.  (An ex voto is a folk art devotional painting giving thanks for protection through a specific episode and using iconography derived from traditional Catholic church art.)  On the left hand side of the painting, there is a large image of the Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos (Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes) dressed in her long blue cape with gold decorations, gold crown, and large golden halo.  She is standing on a golden orb.  Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos is the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated by Mexican and Texan Catholics.  She is said to have performed many miracles, including bringing a dead child back to life.  At center, there is a large image of Jesus Christ wearing the Crown of Thorns and hanging on a gold stepped Cross.  On the right hand side, there is the scene of the accident: a man underneath items that have fallen out of the back of a pickup truck, a man pointing to him, a third man standing in front of the truck, and two praying women.  The text in Spanish, lower right, dates the accident to October 1, 1943 and describes the appearance of the Virgin.  The supplicant is giving thanks for the avoidance of death to members of the Gomes family.  The top of the work is marked "Lelaya(?) Gto Ano 1943 Donato T."  Donato T. may be the name of the artist or may refer to the miracle, as Donato translates into " given or gift from God."   This ex voto measures roughly 8.875" wide by 5.75" high, having been cut irregularly from what appears to be a sign.  (In the areas with chipped paint can be seen the original red, yellow, and white paint.)  The painting itself is in greens, browns, and blues with accents of matte gold and white.  The back is completely rusted.  This 1943 Mexican Ex Voto of a Truck Accident is Fair to Good condition with small areas of chipped paint and dented lower corners.