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  • 1943 End Papers from Zoo Animals

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    These are the 1943 End Papers from Zoo Animals, written and illustrated by Gladys Emerson Cook.  Gladys Emerson Cook (1894-1977) was an American artist known for her pictures of domestic pets and wild animals.  She also wrote books on how to draw animals.  Each of these end papers meausres 10.75" high by 8" wide and has a warm gray background.  One has the head and chest of an elephant with raised trunk, punkered mouth, intellegent eyes, and drooped ear.  The other has a slightly smiling monkey seated on a branch with one arm atop the head and the other resting at its side (top left) and a seated squirrel with raised paws, curled tail, alert ears and large eye (bottom right).  All three animals have been printed in black and show the lines of a pencil rendering.  These 1943 End Papers from Zoo Animals are in Very Good condition with no tears or staining.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.