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  • 1940s Japanese Geisha Place Cards

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    This item consists of three unused 1940s Japanese Geisha Place Cards in different color palettes (turquoise, orange and pink).  Each geisha, measuring 6" high (from the base to the tip of the umbrella) by 2.125" wide (at the base), has a kimono with a black squiggle line and applied white dot design; a wide deep colored, unembellished obi; two round, dotted hair ornaments; an abstract floral fan; an umbrella that can be opened; and a paper swing-out stand on back.  The identical long oval faces have simple features, including a bowed red mouth, and their black hair is in a traditional hairstyle with rounded top and widow's peak.  Each is stamped "Made in Japan" on the back.  These 1940s Japanese Geisha Place Cards are in Very Good condition, although the neck of the pink geisha has a crease.  The paper has yellowed over time, giving them a patina of age.