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  • 1930s Double Sided Valentine

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    This 1930s Double Sided Valentine shows a portrait of a coy young girl in a bonnet, embossed and framed by multiple and differing rows of hearts and two bouquets of flowers (front), and a full length view of a smiling young boy holding a heart, surrounded by the same border design in gold and white.  The boy is dressed in his best clothing, which includes a blue and white plaid sweater, a white collar with large black bow, black shorts, blue and white striped knee hi socks, and black tie shoes.  The interior has a black and white line drawing of a young boy in a bathing suit at the beach.  The poem reads: "Would you like to hear a story?  Here's one that is true blue, You've always been my Valentine, And always will be, too."  On the facing page, children's names had been written in pencil but have been erased.  The outside of the card has been given a deckled edge.  Maker of the card is unknown.  This 1930s Double Sided Valentine is in Very Good Condition.