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  • 1929 End Papers from More Really So Stories

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    This is a set of 1929 End Papers from More Really So Stories written by Elizabeth Gordon and Jane Priest and illustrated by John Rae.  John Rae (1882-1963) attended the New York Art Students League where he was a student of illustrator Howard Pyle.  He illustrated a number of children's books including The New Adventures of Alice, Grasshopper Green and the Meadow Mice, and Granny Goose.  Later in his career, he created portraits of Albert Einstein and Carl Sandburg.  Measuring 9.25" high by 6.125" wide, each end paper has unique illustrations which refer to content in the book.  This includes portraits of Amerlia Earhart, Christopher Columbus and a woman spinning, as well images of a baby dirigible, a moose, a map, a May dance, and the battle between the Kearsarge and the Alabama ships.  The end papers have been printed in vibrant colors, including a bright pumpkin colored background, on lightweight paper.  These 1929 End Papers from More Really So Stories are in Very Good condition.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.