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  • 1928 Illustrations from Frontier Days

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    These are six 1928 Illustrations from Frontier Days, edited by Oliver G. Swan and published by Grosset & Dunlap, N.Y.  The book offers profiles of pioneers and Native Americans of the Old West written by a variety of authors and illustrated by a number of American artists, including Frank Schoonover, Charles Hargens and Donald S. Humphreys.  Frank Schoonover was an American illustrator who worked in Wilmington, Delaware and was a member of the Brandywine School.  Charles Hargens created over 3000 covers for magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Colliers, and Zane Grey western novels.  Donald S. Humphreys was an illustrator for popular magazines during the 1920s and 1930s.  Illustrations include: a Native American in a canoe (Schoonover); White Traders with Native Americans (Hargens?); Native American on horseback against a yellow sky (Schoonover?); Man panning for gold (Hargens); Pioneer fighting a Native American (Schoonover?); and a Native American with bow and arrows before a waterfall (Humphreys).  Each illustration measures 6.875" high by 5" wide (on a page measuring 9.5" high by about 7" wide) and has been printed on medium weight off-white paper with a slightly glossy surface.   There are both pastel and vibrant colors accented with deep browns, blues or blacks and white.  All of these 1928 Illustrations from Frontier Days are in Very Good condition with no damage.