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  • 1916 Prints from The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit

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    This item consists of six 1916 Prints From The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit, written by Arthur Scott Bailey and illustrated by Harry L. Smith.  Arthur Scott Bailey (1877-1949) was the author of more than forty children's books.  All of his plots centered around animal, bird and insect worlds and he often wove natural history into the stories.  Many of his books were illustrated by Harry L. Smith.  The story focuses on Jimmy Rabbit's search for a tail which would be as fine and as bushy as the tails of Frisky Squirrel and Billy Woodchuck.  He almost cuts off the tail of Frisky Squirrel but Mrs. Squirrel saves her son in time.  The illustrations, printed in green, orange, and brown on off-white paper show Jimmy Rabbit warning a fox about a Dark Man; pushing a wheelbarrow filled with vegetables; talking to a turtle; visiting with a basket; making a speech at a party; and Uncle Jerry at the door of James Rabbit the Tooth Puller.  Each page measures about 7.25" high by 5" wide with an image size of 4.625" high by 3.25"wide.  The medium weight, slightly glossy paper has yellowed over time.  Each illustration is captioned.  These 1916 Prints from The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit are in Very Good condition with light staining on some borders.