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  • 1909 Prints from Nelson's Lady Hamilton

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    This item consists of six 1909 Prints from Nelson's Lady Hamilton, written by E. Hallam Moorhouse and published by Methuen & Co. in London.  The book chronicles the life of Emma, Lady Hamilton, the mistress of Lord Nelson.  During the height of her celebrity, English visitors touring Italy would stop at the Hamilton house to check out her "attitudes."  Emma would pose in the classical positions found on Greek vases, which were witnessed and drawn by many great artists of the time.  One artist, Fredrich Rehberg, whose illustrations are shown here, drew Emma's attitudes and made them into a collection of prints.  Each 8.625" wide by 5.375" high print shows Emma posing in two different attitudes, which were rendered originally in black and white line drawings.  The lightweight paper has a glossy finish and has yellowed over time.  These 1909 Prints from Nelson's Lady Hamilton are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.