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  • 1909 Photographic Portrait of Ermie Ahern Smith

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    This is a 1909 Photographic Portrait of Ermie Ahern Smith.  The date was taken from a Chicago newspaper tucked behind the photograph and the name was written on a wood board (not included).  The black and white photograph shows a pretty young woman dressed in a white Edwardian lacy dress and period necklace, seated on a white bench before a landscape backdrop.  She has a white veil draping her shoulders, a basket with flowered handle beside her, and a flower held in her left hand.  She stares off to the right with a gentle smile on her face.  The 7.25" x 6.25" photo has been printed inside an engraved oval, which has flowers, a lute, books, an inkwell with feathered pen, and poetry.  This, in turn, has been glued on to a 14" x 10.25" tan cardboard backing.  The photograph is signed in pencil in the lower right but is difficult to read.  It may say "Navan,"  but no photographer with this name has been found.  This may be a bridal photograph.  This 1909 Photographic Portrait of Ermie Ahern Smith is in very good condition with no damage or wear to the photograph or the engraving.  The cardboard is discolored on back.