Uncanny Artist Ephemera and Objects for Artists and Collectors
  • 1909 Marbleized Book Covers

    This is a set of 1909 Marbleized Book Covers, taken from The Works of William Shakespeare, a series published by The Nottingham Society in New York.  Each unconnected cover measures 8.3125" high by 5.5" wide.  The majority of the cover has marbelized paper in shades of deep turquoise and burgundy with veins of metallic gold.  Because the marbelizing was hand done, each design is unique.  There is deep burgundy textured leather in a 1.875"x1.875"x2.625" triangle on each outside corner and in a 8.3125"x1.625" strip along the interior edge.  The inside of the cover is plain off-white paper.  Each set of 1909 Marbleized Book Covers is in good condition.  There is wear along the edges, as well as wear on some corners, but the marbleized paper is in Very Good condition with no tears or missing pieces. Some sets have fading to the leather.  Ideal for art projects.