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  • 1908 French Fashion Photo Postcard

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    This is a 1908 French Fashion Photo Postcard, showing a young woman with painted brown uplifted hair in a white dress with painted pink flowers and V-shaped belt and a floral hat with painted pink and yellow-orange flowers and long white tulle ties.  Smiling at the camera, she is standing in a studio setting before a large rock, what appears to be a painted wishing well with pink flowers and bark roof,and painted green foliage backdrop.  A gold banner reading "Anniversaire" has been fixed to overlap the upper left hand corner of the card and a red French 10c stamp has been attached to the bottom right hand corner.  The stamp has been cancelled.  The date ("le 7 avril 1908"), your mother ("ta mère) and a signature have been written along the bottom edge.  The back of the card has a message written in French to a daughter ("Ma cher fille"), referencing happiness ("bonheur") and better health ("meillieur santé").  This 1908 French Fashion Photo Postcard is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  The back of the card has slightly yellowed, particularly along the edges, and the brown writing may have originally been black.