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  • 1907 Prints from A Ball of Yarn: Its Unwinding

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    This item consists of five 1907 Prints from A Ball of Yarn: Its Unwinding, written by Robert Rudd Whiting and illustrated by Merle Johnson.  Merle Devore Johnson (1874-1935) was an illustrator and sculptor who lived and worked first in San Francisco and then in New York City.  Among his achievements are: leading authority on American books from 1835 to 1935; bibliographer of Mark Twain; manager of the art department at the New York Evening Journal (1910-1913); cartoonist for the "News in Rime" department of Puck (1914-1917); and creator of the Boy Scout series in New York Press (1915).  He illustrated many books and contributed illustrations and cartoons to popular magazines.  A Ball of Yarn: Its Unwinding is a collection of comic stories and tall tales, dedicated to Baron Munchausen and assorted other famous liars of history  (some of whose cartoon portraits appear in these prints).  Each print measures 7.625" high by 4.625" wide (with an image size of 5.75" by 3.5") and has been printed in yellow-orange, red, black, white and/or blue on medium weight off-white paper, which has yellowed over time.  All of these 1907 Prints from A Ball of Yarn: Its Unwinding are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.