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  • 1906 Postcard of an Angel with a Christmas Tree

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    This is a 1906 Postcard of an Angel with a Christmas Tree.  Measuring 5.75" high by 3.625" wide, this embossed card shows a young female angel with auburn curly hair; long, white wings with its feathers embellished in deep pink and gold; and a long green gown with gold stars, belt, cuffs and collar.  Smiling, she has lifted her right hand as if to knock on the door behind her, while her left hand holds on to a Christmas tree decorated with snow and gold.  She stands before what must be a grand house as it has two large white ornamental pillars and a tall door with a decorative silver and gold hinge and a small yellow gold heart.  The card has a simple "A Merry Christmas" to which the sender has added "With love Mrs. D. Maher.  A happy New Year."  The card was sent on Christmas Eve from Weehaken, NJ and has a canceled green one cent Benjamin Franklin stamp.  The card was printed by A.S.B. (shown on back inside a shield with a tree) in Series 87.  This 1906 Postcard of an Angel with a Christmas Tree is in Better in Good condition with a small tear at the bottom which does not affect the integrity of the card.