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  • 1903 Covers from The Handy Handbook of London

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    These are the 1903 Covers from The Handy Handbook of London, produced by H. Grube Ltd. of Paternoster Row, E.C.  Each green cloth cover measures 7.5" high by 4.75" wide.  They are connected by a 0.75" spine.  The front cover shows a black illustration of the buildings and bridge of London with an Art Nouveau flourish on the left hand side.  There is the title above and descriptions of the contents (illustrations, maps and theatre seat plans) below.  The back cover and the interior of the front cover have advertisements for Chas. Baker & Co. Stores, which did "high class tailoring and outfitting."  The back cover has illustrations of their four stores, while the interior shows three men's outfits which are the types of garments they tailor.  The interior of the back cover has an advertisement for Toilet Vinolia Soap.  These 1903 Covers from The Handy Handbook of London are in Good condition.  There is a small rip in the book cloth on the back as well as some wear, particularly on the bottom of the spine.  a   The interior ads have some minor discoloration to the paper which adds to its antique look.  Ideal for an art project.