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  • 1898 Prints from English Fairy Tales

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    This item consists of eight 1898 Prints from English Fairy Tales, edited by Joseph Jacobs and illustrated by John D. Batten.  John Dickson Batten (1860-1932) was an English figurative painter, book illustrator and print maker.  He is known for focusing on mythological, allegorical and fairy tale themes.  English Fairy Tales is part of a series of fairy tale books created in the 1890s, all illustrated by Batten.  He is also known for his illustrations for Dante's Inferno.  The beautifully detailed black and white illustrations shows Childe Wynde kissing the worm with is transforming into his sister the Princess Margaret; Childe Roland defending a maiden from a sword wielding Elf King; a harpist beside the body of a maiden who was drowned by her sister; a young man standing on the back of a bird as it flies to the Castle of the Twelve Pillars; fierce birds perched above a hole beneath the stone stairs which hides Jack the Giant Killer in his invisible coat; Lady Mary showing a hand severed by Mr. Fox to dinner guests; a girl talking to a frog at the Well of the World's End; and a crier announcing that the English Fairy Tales book has now ended.  Each page measures 8.1875" high by 5.875" wide with illustrations varying in size from 5.75" to 6.625" high and from 3.625" to 4.375" wide.  The paper is medium weight with a matte finish which has significantly yellowed over time, particularly in the borders.  These 1898 Prints from English Fairy Tales are in generally Good condition.  There is some staining along the borders and The Castle of Twelve Golden Pillars has the remnants of a flower which has been pressed into the bottom left hand corner of the illustration.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.