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  • 1890 Maps of Historical America

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    These six maps come from the 1890 edition of A Brief History of the United States in the Barnes' Historical Series, published by the American Book Company.  These include: Map to Illustrate Early Voyages and Discoveries of North America; Map to Illustrate the Colonies and the Revolutionary War and Three Section Maps to Illustrate the Routes of The British Army in the Revolutionary War; Map to Illustrate Development of Colonies and Early Western Expansion; Territorial Development of the United States, including Alaska; Map to Illustrate War with Mexico and Map to Illustrate the War of 1812-1814; and Map to Illustrate the Civil War.  All maps measure 8.5" by 6", have a center fold, and are colored in shades of yellow, green, orange, purple, and pink.  Five of the maps are in very good condition with minor stains on the borders.  The map of the Civil War has a 2.75" tear from the bottom along the fold line.