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  • 1872 J B Lippincott & Co of Philadelphia Maps

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    This item consists of five 1872 J B Lippincott & Co of Philadelphia Maps, including: "Turkey in Asia" (XXXI), "Switzerland" (XXI), "Scotland" (XIV), "Turkey in Europe and Greece" (XXVII), and "Ireland" (XV).  All of the maps, which have center folds and paper attachment strips, appear to have been removed from the same book whose title and author are unknown.  They have had their borders trimmed so that they now measure 11.625" by 9.25" (Switzerland, Scotland and Ireland); 11.25" by 9.25" (Turkey in Asia); and 11.75" by 9.25" (Turkey in Europe & Greece).  The maps have been printed on lightweight off-white paper (which appears to have yellowed) in pastel shades of pink, yellow, orange, green and outlines in red or navy blue.  Lettering and mountain ranges are printed in black.  All have scales in Geographical Miles, while some also show English Miles, Swiss Miles and/or Turkish Miles.  The border has markers for longitude east or west of Greenwich.  The map of Scotland was engraved by J M Atwood & J Warbrick of Philadelphia and the map of Ireland was engraved by P S Duval & Son of Philadelphia.  These 1872 J B Lippincott & Co of Philadelphia Maps are in Very Good condition.  The maps of Switzerland, Turkey in Asia and Turkey in Europe & Greece have some small stains around the borders which are primarily visible on the backs.