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  • 1871 Handwritten Last Will and Testament

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    This is the 1871 Handwritten Last Will and Testament of Louisa N. Baldwin from the town of Orange, New Jersey.  After attesting to being of sound mind and body, she asks that all of her debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after her decease as possible.  She bequeaths ten thousand dollars to Dwight Gilbert of Grand Rapids, Michigan to be invested with a semi-annual payment to her brother, Alvah S. Norton during his natural life, as well as another ten thousands dollars for his funeral expenses. She asks that the residue be equally divided between The Seamus Friends Society and The Home(?) Missionary Society.  If these societies are no longer in existence at her death, the money is to go to The American Tract Society and The American Bible Society.  She also asks that one hundred dollars be put in trust for George P. Kingsley of Orange and to be invested by him to be distributed to Ellen Louisa O'Hearn when she reaches 21 years old.  If Ellen dies or cannot be found, the money is to go to The Orange (Protestant) Orphans' Home.  The remainder of her property is bequeathed to her sister Caroline N. White, wife of Thomas W. White.  Finally, she names her executors, Charles R. Baldwin of Brooklyn, NY and Levi P. Stone of Orange, NJ.  The will is signed, including a hand drawn seal;dated the Eighteenth day of February  A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy One; and witnessed by John N. Lindsley and R.H. Catlin.   It ends with: "A true copy from the Record in my office Geo. D.G. Moore Surrogate.  The will appears on two pages (one with writing on both sides), each measuring 12.5" long by 8" wide.  There is a thin blue/pink line down the left hand side.  The ink was probably originally deep black but has faded with time.  This 1871 Handwritten Last Will and Testament is in Very Good condition with one minor stain which does not affect the writing.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.